Our premium Real Estate Domain pricing policy establishes a price that can be recovered with a single home or property sale. Prices are modified periodically to reflect contemporary property values

Here is how we compute the target price for Real Estate related premium generic search Domains in the Orange County and South Orange County, CA area

We reference Zillow.com or Realtor.com and get the average home price, or compute the average home price for multi-city areas... typically referred to as the Median Value or Median Sale price ( median home value or median home sale ). We then calculate the full commission on a home priced in the median value range for this area - using the customary commission fee of 6%.

Then we apply a factor based upon a minimal estimate of what portion of the full commission a Realtor would receive. This typically ranges from a low of 10% to a high of 100% - in the case of VERY rare Domains. In the case of  SouthOrangeCountyProperty.com,  we have applied a lower range value of approximately 10%.

As of Fall 2015, Zillow.com provided the following median home values:
CityMedian Value
Aliso Viejo$552,700
Dana Point$770,800
Ladera Ranch$786,100
Laguna Beach$1,477,600
Laguna Hills$608,100
Laguna Niguel$721,600
Laguna Woods$259,800
Lake Forest$568,200
Mission Viejo$585,500
Rancho Santa Margarita$505,000
San Clemente$825,800
San Juan Capistrano$610,900
Ave. Median Value$689,342
6% Commission$41,361
10% of Commission$4,136

To discuss how you can acquire and utilize this Domain:  SouthOrangeCountyProperty.COM

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